Tree of Hope

🌳 Tree of Hope 🌳

El Salvador has a long, tremulous history. Decades of oppression and military dictatorship made it very hard for its people to have much hope for the future - they were too worried about surviving each day.

The CUBO project (Centros Urbanos de Bienestar y Oportunidades) or Urban Welfare and Opportunity Centers throughout the nation are looking to change that, providing much needed access to education and information the country's youth have been lacking for many years. These sites are wonderful for the community, offering comprehensive development opportunities that are positively impacting the personal, academic, and professional lives of young Salvadorians. The only way forward for a country like this is education, and they have made tremendous progress in just a few short years.

I found this amazing tree outside the CUBO in Sitio del Niño while there for a visit to learn about its impact in the community and to donate some items. I could not pass up shooting a few quick snaps 📸
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