Big Bend Prickly Pear Nightscape Matte
Big Bend Prickly Pear Nightscape Matte
Big Bend Prickly Pear Nightscape Matte

Big Bend Prickly Pear Nightscape Matte

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Big Bend Prickly Pear Nightscape

Amidst the unforgiving desert, beauty and life persist, and the prickly pear cactus stands out as a resilient symbol of adaptability, survival, and beauty in challenging environments. Here are some facts about this beautiful cacti!

🌵 Prickly pear cacti belong to the Opuntia genus, which includes over 200 species found across the Americas.

🌵 Prickly pear flowers are vibrant and come in shades of yellow, orange, and pink. They bloom during the day and attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

🌵 The iconic pads of prickly pears are actually modified stems called cladodes, which perform photosynthesis.

🌵 The juicy fruits of prickly pears, known as tunas, come in various colors, including red, yellow, and purple. They're not only delicious but also packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

🌵 Prickly pears have been used for centuries by Indigenous communities for their medicinal properties, aiding in digestion, wound healing, and reducing inflammation.

Print Material and Information: 

Museum-quality posters made on thick matte paper. Add a wonderful accent to your room and office with these posters that are sure to brighten any environment.

• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
• Paper weight: 189 g/m²
• Opacity: 94%
• ISO brightness: 104%
• Paper is sourced from Japan

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